40 Pack Inflammation & Pain Relief Plaster

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[Structure performance] The product consists of far infrared ceramic powder. This becomes using the modern high tech technique of production development.thus the improvement organism microcycle,strengthens the metabolism,strengthens the organism cell vigor. [Health care function] Has passes detachably,relieves sickness dissipates cold which has penetrated the body the function which,the blood circulation stops pain. [Applicable scope] ls suitable in by the wind,cold,wet,evil joint aches as well as the soft tissue and so on result neck,shoulder,waist,leg turns result and so on bruise each kind of aches. [Application method] The external use,pastes the trouble place directly,every day a placard. [Matters needing attention] The pregnant woman,after having the spontaneity bleeds or the damage the bleeder,to the zinc oxide allergy,the ache partial skin has the wound,the infection or ulcer is forbid. [Gauge Standard] 7cmx 10cm [Package lnstalling] 8 paste/the bag [Stores Tibet] Cool dry,seal preservation. [Term of validity] Two year

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Dimensions 15 x 12 x 5 in
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Massage & Relaxation





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AAAA 7cmX10cm


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